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Iran: More voices expressing concerns over growing protests

Domino effect of increasing protests in Iran
Domino effect of increasing protests in Iran

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, June 6, 2018 - With each passing day, more voices are heard inside the Iranian regime expressing concerns over “growing public dissent” and increasing protests.

Warnings about a growing scope of unrest, people losing their patience, the regime becoming besieged like never before and a domino effect taking its toll, are apparently falling on deaf ears.

Some, however, believe Iranian regime officials are too busy stealing the people’s money. This is the fate of all dictators in history, pressing the gas pedal for further domestic crackdown to such a limit that throws their entire apparatus overboard.

“Popular protests throughout the society, opposing the government and the entire state, are on the rise,” according to Jahane-Sanat daily.

The writer describes the Dec/Jan protests in Iran as a “precursor to nationwide popular revolts,” warning the main earthquake in the future will “most certainly shake the entire state.”

“Are the voices of dissent heard?” is the question the writer asks, warning the people’s abhorrence has reached a point that “someone in the government must take some action to find a fundamental and permanent solution for these dilemmas.”

Abbas Abdi, of the so-called “reformist” faction in Iran, says the “apparatus’ strength” has “disappeared,” adding this phenomenon “may render un-forecasted results at various levels, and if a solution is not provided a domino run will go into effect.”

These continuous warnings vividly voice the concerns of the entire Iranian regime about the unknown future, while knowing they have no solution in sight to overcome this impasse.

The numerous crises this regime faces have reached a dangerous point of no return, leaving the mullahs with no levers to overcome the current circumstances.

Providing for the people’s economic needs and improving their living conditions would be an obvious and logical solution. However, the mullahs’ regime has never shown any such intention to think about providing for the people.

There is no capacity in the Iranian regime to take steps and realize actual change.

More concerns will be voiced. More neglection will come. And at the end of the day, the people will overcome.