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Iran: More cities host Labor Day rallies

Labor Day March against the regime in Iran spreading to a number of cities
Labor Day March against the regime in Iran spreading to a number of cities

This report is prepared by; PMOI/ MEK

May 1st, 2018-- Retired workers of the Isfahan Steel Company held a gathering to commemorate Labor Day. This rally was staged outside the company’s retirement fund office. Demonstrators were seen protesting their low wages and poor living conditions.

The names of a number of individuals arrested in Tehran’s Labor Day rally outside of the regime’s parliament have been published on social media. These names include:

Hossein Azargashsb – Mohsen Thaghafi (R) – Peyman Ahmadi – Mostafa Aghaee (L) – Afshin Heyratian – Tahmineh Khosravi – Babak (last name unknown)




A large rally in Modares Boulevard of Yazd, central Iran, became the scene of workers marching and chanting:
“Workers are aware and despise exploitation.”




A PMOI/MEK activist in this city sent footage of protesters chanting:
“One less case of embezzlement, our problems will be resolved”
“Workers, workers, unity, unity”





In Isfahan security forces rallied outside the governor’s office to prevent farmers, demanding their share of agricultural water, to stage their rallies.

A PMOI/MEK activist in Tehran’s Baharestan Square reports a large number of security forces stationed in the area are preventing anyone from taking any type of footage.

Members of the Tehran Bus Syndicate also staged a rally in Tehran’s Azadi (Freedom) Terminal commemorating Labor Day. They were carrying placards reading:
“Labor Day; Day of Unity; Solidarity & Demanding Justice for Workers”




Protesters in Tehran’s Labor Day rally were also seen chanting:

“We don’t want incompetent ministers”


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