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People in Lebanon, Syria protest Iran’s destructive meddling

Rally in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon
Rally in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, June 12, 2020—People in different cities of Lebanon took to the streets in demonstrations on Thursday night, June 12, protesting skyrocketing prices, unemployment, government corruption and the destructive influence of Iran-backed parties and groups, according to Al Arabiya.

The demonstrators were seen setting tires and large trash canisters on fire to block numerous roads in Beirut and a number of other cities. These rallies in Lebanon stretched from the city of Tripoli in the north to Saida in the south. The demonstrators were chanting against the malign influence of Iran-backed Hezbollah. In Beirut, branches of two different banks, and in Tripoli a branch of the country’s central bank were set ablaze. Locals are reportedly furious over the bank’s policies.

Reports indicate demonstrators began clashing with government forces in Beirut’s Riad al-Solh Square. The demonstrators were also able to block a number of main roads, including the street leading to the Lebanese capital’s Ring Bridge.

The Dahieh district of southern Beirut witnessed locals holding rallies also protesting the policies of Lebanon’s Central Bank. People in the city of Baalbek set tires and large trash canisters on fire to close roads in the southern areas of this city. Supermarket owners in this area closed in an act of protest to skyrocketing prices. In the city of Tyre locals were seen pouring into the streets and protesting poor economic conditions.

Rally in Syria [File Photo]

Rally in Syria [File Photo]

In Syria, people in the city of As Suwayda in southwest Syria once again held a demonstration calling for the overthrow of the Bashar Assad regime, and the expulsion of the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and the mullahs’ proxy forces from their country.

Demonstrators called for the toppling of Bashar Assad’s regime, protesting economic, political and security conditions deteriorating with each passing day, according to a Reuters report.

The locals of As Suwayda, a city controlled by Assad’s forces, rallied for the fifth consecutive day on Thursday, June 11, against the ruthless Syrian dictator, according to Orient News. The protesters were seen throwing shoes to the image of Bashar Assad’s father, Hafez Assad. This is a major insult in the Arab World.