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Iran: Mashhad University students protest against tuition increase

Mashhad University students protest tuition, fees increase
Mashhad University students protest tuition, fees increase

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May 13, 2018 - On Saturday, May 12, the students of Mashhad’s Ferdowsi University gathered in front of the university in protest to increased tuition fees for extra years of higher education.

Ferdowsi is among the country’s public universities, and according to the Iranian regime’s own constitution, the government must provide free education and grant subsidies and scholarships on public higher education institutions to help the country’s independence.

However, the corrupt institutions and officials running Iran’s educational system are constantly resorting to new rules and regulations to further empty the pockets of students and their families. According to the new rules, any master’s student whose education extends beyond five terms and any PhD student whose education extends beyond nine terms will have to pay extra tuition fees. Ferdowsi is one of many universities that have implemented the rules, and more will be onboarding the rules in the coming months.

Given the lack of facilities and bad management in Iran’s universities, most students have to extend their education beyond the normal periods and most of them will be subject to the new fees.

While free of inexpensive access to higher education should be the norm for any country, the students of Iran will have to take side jobs to raise funds for their education. This is happening while the regime continues to spend billions of dollars in supporting its terrorist proxies in the Middle East region and on its security forces at home.

This latest move by the Iranian regime is part of the broader plan to privatize universities and further plunder the people’s money.