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Iran: Majlis (parliament) members attack Rouhani for poor management

People in Iran are queuing to buy meat
People in Iran are queuing to buy meat

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, May 21, 2019Member of Iran’s Majlis (parliament) attacked regime President Hassan Rouhani in an open session on Sunday. One of the Majlis members from the hardline camp affiliated to the supreme leader Ali Khamenei lashed out against Rouhani, criticizing him for saying that the president doesn’t have any authority in the mullahs’ political system. Marking the deep rift between the two factions, this Majlis member brought up a long laundry list of failures, thefts, repression and plundering the country’s wealth by Rouhani’s cabinet.

Alireza Salimi slated Rouhani for saying “not having authorization” and called it a repeated deception by Rouhani to cover up his failures.

He reminded the mullahs’ president of the authorities he had during the nuclear negotiations with the Obama administration, reiterating a list of failures by Rouhani and his cabinet.

“You had the authorization during the nuclear talks. That shining sun that you are now placing its fruits in the basket of people, but now you are complaining of the lack of authority. Do you remember, Mr. Rouhani, your administration decided on the official currency value to be 42,000 rials for each dollar and based on that decision all of the country’s reserve disappeared? You granted 60 tons of gold with the authority you had. You also had the authority over the National Development Funds. Have you received any report on the fact that in this year’s budget plan, 12% of the same National Development Fund has been allocated to you? Not to mention the rest of that fund is also at your disposal.

“You had full authority to appoint generals to rule the people, and the Majlis also ratified almost all of your nominees. Do you also remember that you shuffled almost all of your cabinet members without any objection from Majlis?

“Your brother was your personal secretary. Your job appointment printing machine started to work and you assigned many of your family members to sensitive posts in your administration. Do you also remember that instead of working toward solving people’s problems including employment, inflation, housing and etc… your administration brought up this misery upon the people who now have to stand in queues for hours to buy meat, chicken, sugar and other essentials. With the same authority, you brought up a huge recession, unseen inflation and other social and economic pressures upon the people. And now you say that you don’t have any authority?”










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