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Iran: Latest report from Kazerun protests

Riot police units at Kazerun
Riot police units at Kazerun


Reported by PMOI/MEK journalist inside the conflict zone


May 22, 2018 - PMOI/MEK sources in Shiraz say they were not able to contact people in Kazerun on Tuesday as Iranian regime authorities have cut off all communication and internet lines to prevent any possible leakage of information from the city to the outside world.

Sources from inside Kazerun who were able to go to other cities on Monday say most of the detained protesters are transferred to Adel Abad Prison of Shiraz.

Reports also indicate anti-riot units are still on high alert in the city, currently stationed at the judiciary complex. Authorities are concerned of yet another major spark of protests and refuse to return units dispatched from other cities.

The PMOI/MEK reported in Kazerun was able to talk with a variety of civilians and some say up to ten people have died in the recent episode of Kazerun’s protests. The PMOI/MEK website currently cannot independently verify these numbers, especially since Iranian regime authorities have threatened the families of those killed to not leak any reports to the media.

News also indicates around 300 Kazeruni youths have been arrested. Their families, too, have been threatened to not provide any information about their loved ones to anyone, especially not reporters and journalists.

These families have not received any replies from security forces or the judiciary about their loved ones’ status. Various security entities are completely denying these youths have even been arrested.

Another report indicates the city police has handed control over the entire city to the Revolutionary Guards and is not taking any measures to provide for the city’s security. The police literally has no control over the city.

Three of the protesters killed by security forces in Kazerun’s recent protests are scheduled to be buried.

It is worth noting that based on the Iranian regime’s own official numbers, the recent Kazerun protests took the lives of four individuals and left numerous others injured.


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