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Iran: Kazerun protests, from January to this day

The city of Kazerun ignited once again on Wednesday, May 16th
The city of Kazerun ignited once again on Wednesday, May 16th

Analysis by PMOI/MEK staff writer


Iran, May 17, 2018 - The city of Kazerun in Fars Province of southern Iran ignited once again on Wednesday, May 16th. People from all walks of life protesting the Iranian regime’s policies rallied at the city’s Shohada (Martyrs) Square and marched towards the governor’s office.

The demonstrators were chanting:

“No fear, we’re all together”

“Beware of the day we are armed”

“Proud Kazerunis, unite”

“We’re ready to defend Kazerun”




Protests in Kazerun began on January 2nd where demonstrators were heard chanting “Death to Dictator” and condemning the Iranian regime’s policies through slogans such as:

“Let go of Syria, think about us”

On March 8th locals rallied outside the city’s governor office, protesting a plot to divide their city into two towns.

On April 9th locals continued these protests and continued into the following days.

On April 17th thousands of Kazerun residents rallied in the city’s main square. Storeowners refused to open their shops. Protesters were chanting:

“No fear, we’re all together”

“Protests will continue until we get our rights”

“Proud Kazerunis, we will not give into shame”

These demonstrations led to clashes between protesters & state police.




On April 18th local officials claimed the plan to divide the city has come to a halt. Protesters, however, refused to accept these claims and demanded answers from the provincial governor himself.

The next day protests in Kazerun reached a new climax, as thousands of locals held a demonstration while the city council, Friday prayer Imam, and state-run media had banned any protests. Women played a major role in this rally, emphasizing how unity amongst all of Iran’s people is needed to stand against this regime.

The rally continued into Friday, April 20th. Tens of thousands of locals entered the city mosque and completely disrupted the regime’s farce prayers.

Sunday, April 22nd – Oppressive police units were stationed at a market close to the Shohada (Martyr) Square to prevent any gatherings from taking shape.

Friday, April 27th – Thousands of Kazerun locals rallied at the city’s main center, marching towards the Friday prayer site chanting:

“If we are betrayed, we will rise once again”

“We are from Kazerun, we won’t accept division”

“Officials from other cities must resign”

Thursday, May 3rd – Large rally staged outside the city mosque, again protesting plans to divide the city.

Following Wednesday night’s protests, authorities dispatched a column of anti-riot units from Shiraz and reports indicate over 100 protesters were arrested.

Youths and families of those arrested rallied outside the Kazerun Intelligence Department demanding the release of all protesters.

At least two protesters have been killed and a large number of others are wounded, including numerous women.

Locals of Seif Abad have reportedly blocked a road leading to Kazerun to prevent further dispatching of anti-riot units from Shiraz.