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Iran Health Minister: 66 Iranians die each day in road incidents

Road accidents in Iran are one of the major killers in the country
Road accidents in Iran are one of the major killers in the country

Reported by the PMOI/MEK


Iran, August 20, 2018 - The Iranian regime’s Health Minister recently said road incidents took the lives of one Iranian every 15 minutes in a span of just one month. Seyed Hassan Hashemi went on to add there is no strong will to prevent the production of non-standard vehicles, without referring to the fact that people with links to regime officials are plundering enormous wealth while producing low quality goods, such as vehicles, and placing the general public at enormous risks.

Nearly 70 individuals lost their lives each day in the span of just one month due to road accidents. The state-run ISNA news agency cited Hashmi saying, “We recently had the highest number of road accident casualties. An average of 66 individuals lost their lives on a daily basis. On one day alone this number reached 81 counts.”

“We don’t sense these daily developments. Maybe the reason is we don’t place much value in people’s lives… the highest number of casualties in human societies are occurring in our region these days,” he added with the utmost audacity.

“The car industry is imposing cruelty on the people. However, considering the fact that people’s lives matter less, there is probably no ear in this industry, nor in the parliament… there has been much talk in the government in this regard, yet there is no necessary power to prevent the manufacturing of certain vehicles,” he added without providing any details regarding the regime’s corrupt apparatus.

15 to 30 year olds are the main victims of road accidents in Iran, Hashemi continued, adding Iran ranks 2nd in the Middle East and 8th in the world in regards to road accidents, behind countries such as Libya, Thailand, Malawi and Congo.

From March 2017 to March 2018, a total of 16, 291 people lost their lives in Iran due to road accidents, the minister said, adding the number of those injured in these accidents is 21 times higher.

Hashemi continued his audacity by blaming the Iranian people and asked them to be more careful.

“We ask all passengers, especially those on motorcycles that are the main cause of near-city accidents, to be more careful. We hope God brings to life decent automobile makers in this country and places them in necessary positions (!)” he added.


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