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Iran general strike reaches Tehran’s bazaar

Tehran Bazaar and store owners' strike
Tehran Bazaar and store owners' strike

News Report by: PMOI/MEK


May 15, 2018 - Various sections of the famous bazaar in Tehran and the city of Kerman, parallel to gold retailers in Ardabil, located in the country’s northwest, joined a general strike expanding from the country’s western provinces across the country, protesting Iran’s plunging currency value, low customer turnout in the market and a limbo status regarding the economy’s future.

The Iranian Resistance is calling on all Iranians, especially the youth, to rise in solidarity with the store-owners’ protests in Tehran and other cities throughout the country.

Merchants in Tehran issued a statement seeking public support for their ongoing protest movement.

“Greetings to all our fellow compatriots, especially those who are struggling for freedom and members of the [Iranian opposition] People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK):

“We are a group of storeowners and merchants in Tehran who are announcing a general strike and support all others involved in this protest act. We are calling on all store-owners and merchants across the country to join us in this nationwide strike to have our voices heard in international organizations and our fellow compatriots. God willing, we will be able to have the loathed Iranian regime succumb to our demands.

“These strikes are protesting skyrocketing inflation and unstable prices, the country’s currency no longer having any value in international markets. Following all these rising prices and considering the very low revenue we have, all due to the hated mullahs’ policies, isn’t it time to let everyone hear our protests regarding the atrocious status quo? Isn’t it time to finally say the status quo is unacceptable and we no longer can tolerate these economic conditions?

“We, the merchants of Tehran, coming from all walks of life in this business, call on all merchants and store-owners to support us in this general strike and protest, in order to have our voices heard across the globe. We must say that our tolerance has reached its limits.

“We the Tehran bazaar merchants announce that under no circumstances will we end our strike until our demands are met (meaning having brought this regime to its knees).

“Strike, strike, strike – We, the men & women are ready to fight, lets fight to the very end”

“Down with the dictator Khamenei, hail to the PMOI/MEK”

A number of Tehran bazaar merchants

May 2018