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IRAN: Excerpts from Political Prisoner Ali Moezi's Message

Prominent political prisoner, Ali Moezi, detained in the "Greater Tehran Prison"
Prominent political prisoner, Ali Moezi, detained in the "Greater Tehran Prison"

IRAN, April 29,2018-- Ali Moezi, a prominent political prisoner in the "Greater Tehran Prison", sent a message on the occasion of the International Workers' Day.

The following is an excerpt from his message :

"Congratulations to all workers whose efforts our lives depend on. In our homeland, workers, as well as all other employees, have been put under more and more pressure by each passing year.

Under the present circumstances, the ratified minimum wage is not sufficient for even one person. But beyond that, we see that unemployment and starvation pressure the deprived strata of the society to the point where they are obliged to accept harsh working conditions at half the minimum wage, putting them in a situation that resembles slavery.

Iranian workers are deprived of the right to organize. They have no independent and free syndicates and their gatherings, strikes, and protests are met with suppression, arrest, and prison.

Therefore, the workers' protests and strikes, will only succeed if they join and harmonized themselves with the Iranian people's struggle to overthrow this murderous and corrupt regime. As long as this regime remains in power, there will be no solution to the problems and pains of the workers, just like the other problems such as minorities, women, and youth's rights.
We'll stay together until victory.

Ali Moezi
"Greater Tehran Prison"

April 2018