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Iran: Defending police brutality against women

Crackdown against women is a hallmark of the mullahs’ regime in Iran
Crackdown against women is a hallmark of the mullahs’ regime in Iran

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, July 4, 2019Mohammad-Jafar Montazeri, prosecutor general of Tehran, the capital of Iran, defended the brutality and repressive measures resorted to by the state security forces against youth, particularly women, under the pretext of “fighting against un-Islamic social behavior.”

He expressed his utter fear of the spread of protest and the power of social media in organizing unrest against the repressive conducts of the security forces harassing women under the guise of mal-vailing in the cities.

“We cannot sacrifice our moral and social securities for some sinister talks or measures by malicious actors on the internet. The norm-breakers must know that they cannot smear the police face with their nonsense and boloney making a video clip and post it on social media,” Mullah Montazeri said.

In another event on Wednesday, Hossein Ashtari, commander of the regime’s repressive state security forces, echoed Montazeri’s comments on defending police brutality against the women.

“Some of our agents feel threatened when they deal with mal-vailing,” Ashtari said addressing a number of state security forces and IRGC commanders.

He called the protests and reaction by the youth and women against enforcing the mullahs’ definition of the “dress code” as “organized,” adding the police must “act with vigilance and caution” when facing such protests.