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Iran coronavirus update: Over 131,700 deaths, many cities reporting full hospitals

The novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has taken the lives of over 131,700 people throughout Iran, according to the Iranian opposition PMOI/MEK
The novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has taken the lives of over 131,700 people throughout Iran, according to the Iranian opposition PMOI/MEK

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, October 24, 2020—Over 131,700 people have died of the novel coronavirus in 460 cities checkered across all of Iran’s 31 provinces, according to reports tallied by the Iranian opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) as of Saturday afternoon local time, October 24. The official death toll declared by the regime stands at 32,320, around a fourth of the actual figure.

The coronavirus death toll in various provinces include: 31,751 in Tehran, 9892 in Razavi Khorasan, 7172 in Isfahan, 5678 in Loresnta, 4656 in East Azerbaijan, 3773 in West Azerbaijan, 3653 in Alborz, 3571 in Sistan & Baluchistan, 3545 in Hamedan, 3451 in Fars, 2833 in Kermanshah, 2366 in Kurdistan, 2050 in Kerman, 1981 in Yazd, 1567 in Bushehr, 1322 in Qazvin, 1089 in Ilam, 1012 in Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari, and 964 in Kohgiluyeh & Boyer Ahmed. This is in addition to reports obtained from other provinces.

Infographic-Over 131,700 dead of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Iran

Infographic-Over 131,700 dead of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Iran


“Based on announcements made by Medical and Social Security Committees in 43 critical cities with the highest number of cases, starting Monday there will be severe restrictions imposed. If necessary, these restrictions will continue into next week,” said the spokesperson for the regime’s Health Ministry on Saturday. “In the presidential cabinet session on Thursday with heads of the Covid-19 Task Forces, instructions were issued for government personnel and other executive apparatus employees in Tehran to decrease their presence at work by 50 percent starting Monday until November 20,” she added, according to the semi-official ISNA news agency on Saturday.

“We have 1762 Covid-19 patients in [Isfahan] province, aside from the two cities of Kashan and Aran & Bidgol, of which 347 are in ICUs. During the past 24 hours we have had 39 Covid-19 deaths,” said the spokesperson for the Isfahan Medical Sciences University on Saturday, according to the Javan daily, an outlet linked to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC). 



“In the past 24 hours 20 people have lost their lives in this province,” said the head of public relations in Fars Medical Sciences University on Saturday. “Currently there are 1206 patients hospitalized of which 166 are in ICUs,” the official added, according to ISNA.

“Yesterday we had 570 positive results from 748 coronavirus tests. Of course, the number of cases is much higher. Currently we have 768 hospitalized patients, 33 in dire conditions and under ventilators, and 131 are in ICUs,” said the head of the public relations office in Kermanshah Medical Sciences University on Saturday, according to the IRGC-linked Fars news agency.

“Each day there are 500 new cases identified. The hospitals are very crowded and there are a high number of people hospitalized. During the past 48 hours 1043 new patients have been identified and 42 have lost their lives,” said the deputy dean of East Azerbaijan Medical Sciences University on Saturday, according to the Fars news agency.

The deputy dean of East Azerbaijan Medical Sciences University said on Saturday, “Every day, 500 new cases are registered. Hospitals are filled with patients. In the past 48 hours, 1,043 new cases were identified and 42 people have died.” (Source: Fars News Agency, October 24)

In East Azerbaijan, the Covid-19 Task Force declared on Saturday, “In the past 24 hours, 231 new patients were hospitalized and the total number of hospitalized cases has reached 1,034, with 236 in ICU and 78 under ventilator support.” (Source: Fars News Agency, October 24)

On Friday, the deputy dean of Yazd Medical Sciences University said, “Yazd currently has the highest number of Covid-19 cases in the country per capita. The medical staff are tired and under a lot of pressure. In the past six month, more than 570 of them have contracted the virus. The capacity of hospitals have filled and we have had no choice but to set up field hospitals.” (Source: Mehr News Agency, October 23)

Regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei physically attended a meeting of the Covid-19 Task Force for the first time in eight months, where he made vague remarks about the importance of “firm government decisions,” “convincing public opinion” and “cooperation between all apparatuses and the people.” Without making the slightest reference to the vast financial assets he and his affiliate foundations owns, Khamenei kicked the ball in the people’s court and spoke of “the need to adopt sever punishments for people who do not abide by hygienic rules.” Khamanei also called on “philanthropists and the people” to step forth and help those who have lost their jobs or whose livelihoods are in difficult conditions.

Interestingly, the so-called Covid-19 Task Force meeting looked more like an emergency meeting to counter the outrage of the people, who are fed up with the tyranny of the mullahs. Among the attendants were key security officials, including Armed Forces Chief of Staff Mohammad Bagheri, Defense Minister Amir Hatami, State Security Forces Commander Hossein Ashtari, and Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi, Chief Prosecutor Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, whose key task is to suppress protests and dissidents. Also taking part in the meeting were key officials who are involved in the regime’s propaganda efforts, including government spokesperson Ali Rabiei, the head of the state broadcaster (IRIB) Ali Asgari, Culture Minister Abbas Salehi, and the secretary of the Cyberspace Council Abolhassan Firuzabadi.


Iran coronavirus outbreak death toll interactive map