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Why Iran’s regime is refusing int'l help to deal with the coronavirus outbreak

Iran's regime is willing for the people to die so it can hide its crimes
Iran's regime is willing for the people to die so it can hide its crimes

Reporting by PMOI/MEK  

Iran, March 26, 2020—Following secrecy of crimes against the Iranian people, the Iranian regime has expelled the French NGO Médecins Sans Frontières, despite having entered the country based on a bilateral agreement, according to the regime’s own state-run media. With the equipment they brought with them, they were setting up a field hospital with 48 beds in Isfahan. But suddenly on March 24, they were notified to return to France and stop their project. Médecins Sans Frontières said they were surprised by the Iranian regime’s decision.

Naturally, MSF and other NGOs or individuals who are foreign to the regime’s policies might not understand these measures.  Because logically, any government facing such a large volume of a deadly disease would welcome any sort of help. But the priority for the regime is not the people’s lives but to hide its role in transmitting and spreading the coronavirus and to conceal the current dire conditions of Iran. Every day, hundreds of people are deprived of any kind of medicine and medical treatments and innocently die in the corner of the streets without any help. The inhuman regime of Iran is afraid of any foreign observers breaking through its wall of censorship and informing the world of the regime’s suppression against the Iranian people.

Ridiculous Justifications

The Iranian regime’s officials and their propaganda apparatus have made some dumb justifications for the expelling of the MSF group.

“The humanitarian aid in any form must pass through all security and medical protocols and other countries support must not threaten the spiritual and mental health of the society,” warned the Isfahan Media Basij Organization in its statement.

What this organization means is that if foreign observers witness and report the situation in Iran it will trigger the anger of the Iranian society against the regime. This is why they are resorting to spying charges against MSF. The regime calls any kind of revelation of the truth of its repression against the Iranian people as spying. The same time regime arrested several people for having spread “rumors” and creating anxiety in public opinion.

 “We must be careful and expelling the MSF was the right thing to do,” said Hossein Shariatmadari editor in chief of daily Keyhan, a newspaper that reflects the views of the supreme leader Ali Khamenei.

Iranian regime officials tried to justify the expelling of MSF by saying “their help was little and we did not need it and we have already 10,000 hospital beds in the country.” These lies are not only in contradiction of the true reality of the situation but also in contradiction of regime official remarks including Hassan Rouhani who said: “If the numbers rise, we have not enough possibilities to threats those infected.”

In addition, through constant revelations of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), the world knows more or less what is going on. Some analysts are questioning the regime’s motives, wondering why the regime rejects help from MSF while demanding loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) said in this regard that the “expulsion of Médecines sans Frontières is yet another indication that the main problem in Iran is the existence of a corrupt dictatorship that only thinks of preserving its rule. Human lives are not of any value to them”.

The regime is ready to accept any kind of international scandal at the cost of not leaving behind any evidence of its crime, just as it did after its military shot down a Ukrainian passenger plane in January. The regime refused to hand over the plane black box to the manufacturing companies or any country, emphasizing it will be analyzed only in Iran.

What to do?

While the regime continues its secrecy and lies, the MEK and the Resistance Units, its network of activists inside the country, have made it their patriotic and national duty to inform the world about the disaster that is happening inside Iran. Thanks to the efforts of Resistance Units and the MEK’s network inside Iran, we now know that at least 11,500 people have died of the coronavirus outbreak across Iran, a figure that is at least five times larger than the regime’s official death toll.