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Iran: Bazaar strikes spreading in Tehran, other cities

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Nov.6, 2018 - A large number of stores have been closed since Tuesday morning as a nationwide strike spreadS in Tehran and other cities. These measures are seen despite threats made by officials. Tehran’s Bein al-Haramein rug market saw many stores close down.



Furthermore, merchants and store-owners in the city of Babol and Rudsar in northern Iran joined the strike and refused to open their shops.




On Monday, a number of home appliance stores in Tehran’s Amin Zohoor intersection and the Amir Kabir market joined the strike, protesting skyrocketing prices and extremely poor living conditions. A number of stores in the capital’s Sepahsalar market were also closed.



The mullahs’ regime, fearing new protests and another uprising, has dispatched plainclothes agents in Tehran’s Chaharsough bazaar to prevent the stores from closing.

In Gorgan, northern Iran, store-owners in the Aftab shopping center, the largest in this city, refused to open their shops.

Reports indicate parts of the bazaars in the cities of Saqqez and Baneh in western Iran were also closed, and the regime’s efforts to prevent merchants from joining the nationwide strike had failed.

Other reports indicate truck drivers across the country are continuing their nationwide strike. One truck driver sent a video from Bandar Abbas, southern Iran, saying the Bandar Abbas port loading station was always full of trucks. Very few trucks were scene there and those drivers were not properly informed about the nationwide strike. The truckers are demanding the release of their apprehended colleagues and protesting skyrocketing spare parts prices.



Iranian opposition President Maryam Rajavi sent a message through her Twitter account hailing the bazaar merchants and truck drivers, saying supporting these strikes is a dire national duty.


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