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Iran-backed Lebanese Hezbollah using Beirut airport for smuggling

Beirut International Airport
Beirut International Airport

Report by PMOI/MEK


June 18, 2018 - The Lebanese Hezbollah are taking advantage of the airport in Beirut to facilitate their smuggling of arms and narcotics, parallel to the transportation of Iran-backed militia abroad, reports indicate.

Hezbollah is enabling Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) to consider the Rafic Hariri International Airport as a base for their operations, consisting of airing militias and arms to those countries and various locations to advance the IRGC’s strategy to prolong Tehran’s Middle East meddling.

Further measures indicate that Iranian citizens going to Lebanon never had their passports stamped at the Beirut airport upon return. The Lebanese embassy in Tehran claims such actions are aimed at facilitating movements.

The IRGC is known to play a major role in fueling intense, ongoing wars across the region, including the scenes witnessed daily in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon.

Back in 1990, following the Quds Force establishment, the IRGC officially announced its regional intervention strategy. Among the Iranian regime’s inner circles the Quds Force is considered an official IRGC branch and the epicenter of an “international Islamic army.”

Through the course of nearly 40 years, the Iranian regime is continuing its agenda and strategy of wreaking havoc throughout the Middle East, leaving all nations in endless suffering.