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Iran: Ahvaz National Steel employees continue protests

High number of security forces near the scene of National Steel Group employees’ demonstration in Ahvaz, southwest Iran
High number of security forces near the scene of National Steel Group employees’ demonstration in Ahvaz, southwest Iran

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, June 12, 2018 Workers and employees of the Ahvaz National Steel Group in southwest Iran staged a demonstration on Tuesday morning with a march in the city’s Kianpars Avenue. The participants were seen chanting, “Detained workers must be released.”

As demonstrators continued their march towards the local governor’s office the slogans changed to, “If detained workers are not released we will shut down the railway.”

The authorities had dispatched security forces in high numbers and in some scenes, these units were seen attacking the peaceful demonstrators. At least ten demonstrators have been arrested, pushing the number of National Steel Group employees on Monday and Tuesday to at least 60 individuals.


A group of National Steel Group employees had gathered in the third square of Kianpars on Monday night after dinner. They were viciously attacked by state security forces, anti-riot units and the regime’s plainclothes agents. Reports indicate a number of the workers arrested, transferred to the regime’s detention centers in two vans.



Employees of the Ahvaz National Steel Group blocked the Ahvaz-Tehran rail tracks on Sunday, protesting and demanding their overdue paychecks and answers to their various demands. These protesters were also seen blocking the city’s “Lashkar” bridge near the Halal Theater.

On Saturday, holding their fifth rally outside of the regime’s governor office in Ahvaz, the workers rallied outside the governor’s office demanding answers regarding the limbo circumstances of their jobs.

On June 3rd over 500 National Steel Group, protesting employees were attacked by state security forces. Many of the protesters were severely beaten with batons and one saw his nose being broken.

On June 2nd over 300 National Steel Group employees gathered outside the Ahvaz governor’s office seeking answers to their long-stated demands and protesting the poor circumstances of their company being continuously neglected.

On May 29th these employees were protesting and going on strike, demanding answers to the requests they had raised.

The Iranian regime, ruled by thieves, has no intention to respond to these protesting workers. Furthermore, the country’s treasury is wasted on the Iranian regime’s support for terrorists across the Middle East, and their completely unnecessary nuclear drive and ballistic missile initiatives.