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Heat, extremely difficult conditions in Iran prisons

Urmia Central Prison, northwest Iran (file photo)
Urmia Central Prison, northwest Iran (file photo)

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, June 23, 2019With the temperatures escalating as the summer season begins, the conditions in different prisons across Iran are becoming unbearable for the prisoners. In particular, prisoners in Urmia Central Prison (UCP), northwest of Iran, are suffering from and complaining about the lack of any cooling systems.

One report leaked out of the UCP says, since a visit by the Prisons General Director to this particular facility, prison authorities have removed all cooling systems, including air conditioning units, from all the group/single cells. This has left the prisoners vulnerable to the extreme heat exceeding 40 degrees Celsius.

The prisoners’ complaints have landed on deaf ears, forcing them to try to cool off using pieces of cardboard to fan themselves or to make a sunshade for them.

According to the report, the heat is so severe that a number of prisoners have gone unconscious, and with the prison's clinic closed, and no relief facility available, the prisoners are left to suffer from hyperthermia or heat exhaustion. A number of prisoners have developed swelling and blisters due to the extreme heat.

This condition, due to cruel and inhumane actions by regime officials against defenseless prisoners, has sparked protests and complains among prisoners.

As the prisoners suffer from the summer heat in cramped cells, the prison warden is enjoying a $3,000 air conditioning unit in his personal office in the prison.