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The harsh conditions of Isfahan’s Dastgerd prison

Isfahan Prison - Photo archive
Isfahan Prison - Photo archive

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, July 30, 2018 - Isfahan’s Dastgerd prison, located 12 kilometers north of Isfahan city, currently houses between 8,000-9,000 prisoners in 17 wards, suffering under harsh conditions.

Dastgerd prison has two wards for workers, which are separated from other sections. Ward no. 1 is, in fact, a warehouse and ward no. 2 is filled with three-story bunk beds. There are 900 people jam-packed in this ward. More than half of them have to sleep on the ground. There are similar conditions in other wards of the prison.

Two other wards, called “Salamat” (or health) are allocated to new inmates. When new prisoners arrive, they are sent to the “Salamat” wards for several days before being transferred to other sections. There are currently between 300-400 prisoners in each of the Salamat wards.

Two other wards, allocated to the youth, each contain 300-400 prisoners, mostly aged between 18-24.

Ward no. 8, for unsettled cased, houses between 800-900 prisoners from different age groups and different charges. However, the ward has only been fitted for 200 people. There’s little room for walking. The bathrooms and showers are limited and in terrible condition with little or no hygiene, and the inmates have to wait for long times.

There is little medication in ward no. 8 and the prison’s infirmary doesn’t provide the ward with medicine. Prisoners have a lot of problems communicating with their families.

Prison guards force the prisoners to attend prayers every day as well as other religious ceremonies.

Other wards of the prison are allocated to drug offenders, foreign convicts, financial criminals… Most wards are overcrowded.

One of the wards that is for people with physical disabilities lacks the minimum facilities that the inmates need. Upon entering the prison, inmates are only given a pair of slippers and pants.