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Global support for the Free Iran convention

Alejo Vidal Quadras, Roger Lyons & Giulio Terzi
Alejo Vidal Quadras, Roger Lyons & Giulio Terzi



Paris, June 14, 2018 - Less than three weeks before this year’s Free Iran convention in Paris, a variety of political and social voices in Europe are placing their support behind this major event.

Former Italian foreign minister Giulio Terzi, former UK trade unions chief Roger Lyons and former European Parliament vice president Dr. Alejo Vidal-Quadras joined this growing list of figures announcing their solidarity with the Iranian Diaspora’s upcoming rally.

Former Italian foreign minister Giulio Terzi: “I believe it is extremely important to get in-depth, not only in analysis, but also in raising awareness and in adopting a strong, firm position over what Iran and the mullahs are representing today as a risk, as a threat, and a very negative behavior for the international community and for humanity.

“President Rajavi has over the last few weeks declared time and again the importance of having such a firm perspective about the status quo. As a result, the convention in Paris, organized by supporters of the Iranian Resistance movement, is about the importance of the current situation at hand. We encourage everybody to attend, to follow it on different media platforms and to as always, support this great cause, being the need to realize change and support the Iranian people.”


Roger Lyons, former president of the UK Trade Union Congress: “I can say that the need for solidarity with the workers and their families in Iran is one of the highest priorities at this moment. I’m working hard with colleagues to build the support, understanding and solidarity with those Iranian workers who are struggling. This is hundreds of thousands of lorry drivers and truck drivers, even taxi drivers, who are fighting back against terrible economic pressures, the terrible economic squeeze on working class people.

“This is not isolated. This is not a particular issue in one industry or in one particular city. It’s wide across. It shows that the information is conveyed very quickly, in spite of information repression by the regime that they can’t keep the news out and people know what is happening and they want change. They particularly want solidarity, and I’m one who is doing my best to provide that solidarity to people in struggle,

“And I am so pleased that I would be going together with colleagues, many Members of Parliament, and many people from across the European Union, and indeed across the world. We will be in Paris at the end of June to show solidarity with the people of Iran.”

Former European Parliament vice president Dr. Alejo Vidal-Quadras: “Dear friends, as you know, as every year, the main convention of the Iranian resistance will take place on the 30th Of June in Villepinte.

“The gathering is especially significant as it will be held in solidarity with the Iranian people and their protests, with their uprising that started in January and that has not stopped since then. The regime has admitted that the PMOI and the NCRI and the leadership of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi have been absolutely determining for the success of these uprisings.

“The Iranian people have spoken very clearly. They have said we are fed up of this regime, we can no longer tolerate it, we want a regime change, we want democracy, we want freedom, we want our lives back and with this regime they know they will never get it.

“The Iranian people who are protesting, who are fighting, who are suffering, need your solidarity, need your support. If you believe as all Democrats in the world do, in a free Iran, in a democratic Iran, you should participate in the June 30th Paris convention.”

More voices are expressing their support for this year’s Free Iran convention as political developments are preluding significant changes to come.

For further information about the Free Iran convention, visit this website.


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