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“Free Iran 2018 / The Alternative” rally scheduled for June 30th

Free Iran Rally, June 30, 2018
Free Iran Rally, June 30, 2018

Free Iran Rally in Paris, June 30, 2018

In circumstances that protests across Iran – continuing after the Dec/Jan uprising – are rattling the very pillars of the Iranian regime, and political developments in the Middle East and throughout the globe are placing further pressure on Tehran’s mullahs, Iranian exiles from across the globe are gathering in Paris once again for the annual Iranian Resistance gathering.

Continuing its struggle for a free during the past 15 years, the Iranian Resistances seeks to establish a free Iran without any crackdown, torture or execution; based on the separation of church and state where the mullahs’ current rule is replaced by a democratic system based on the ballot box; establishing a non-nuclear Iran, becoming the epicenter of peace and friendship in the Middle East and the world over; the country’s God-given wealth not being wasted on warmongering, but to provide the population’s welfare; and a country in which equality, social justice, progress and protecting the environment will all be realized.

Certain is the fact that the Iranian regime is facing enormous obstacles and challenges both inside the country and on the global stage.

The international community is finally beginning to realize that the appeasement policy must be set aside. Freedom and democracy must be established in Iran, following regime change, in order to obtain peace and tranquility in the region.

Three principles are now proven more than ever before:
- Regime change in Iran is a dire necessity

- Regime change in Iran is at hand

- There is a viable alternative for the Iranian regime

The Dec/Jan uprising has proven that the Iranian people want this regime gone and senior official in Tehran are acknowledging this undeniable reality.

As seen most recently in Kazerun, the Iranian regime has neither the will nor the capacity to provide for the Iranian people’s rightful demands.

After nearly 40 years in power, the time has come for this regime to be set aside.


Iranian Resistance Mass Rally

June 30, 2018

Villepinte, Paris, France