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Floods in Iran – Numerous villages completely engulfed by floodwaters

The city of Poledokhtar, Lorestan Province, following the recent floods
The city of Poledokhtar, Lorestan Province, following the recent floods

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, April 3, 2019 - Reports are received from the country showing vast devastation following the recent floods that have engulfed many cities, towns and villages across numerous provinces. It has become crystal clear for the Iranian people that the mullahs’ regime and Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) are the elements behind the escalating destruction causing havoc throughout Iran.

More than ten villages in just one district of Khuzestan Province, southwest Iran, have literally been drowned in floodwaters following recent rains and dams overflowing.


Many villages have been engulfed by floodwaters

Many villages have been engulfed by floodwaters


The main floodwaters have yet to reach Khuzestan Province, according to a provincial official. It is necessary for locals to remain on high alert and take the warnings seriously, he added, without providing any information on how the regime – responsible to provide aid in such circumstances – will take any measures.

A Dez Dam official in this province said water is entering the dam at over 3,000 cubic meters per second, indicating a massive threat of floods in the very near future.

Seyed Mohammad Reza Kazemi, a member of the regime’s Majlis (parliament) from the flood-hit city of Poledokhtar in Lorestan Province, western Iran, shed light on the emergency conditions of this city.

“A number of people in this city have been living in the fields for the past two days… Locals are in desperate need of water, food, tents and heating appliances,” he said.

Threats are also increasing in Tehran, the capital of Iran and home to more than nine million.

“Following the floods, there is a growing subsidence (ground sinking) threat in central and southern parts of the city, including Molavi Avenue and around the Bazaar area… In areas such as Shahran, Payambar Avenue, Qiam Square and Molavi Intersection, we are witnessing instances of subsidence even without floods,” according to a statement issued by the mullahs’ Ministry of Road and Construction.

A grieving mother in Lorestan Province, western Iran



Locals from Shush say an agricultural institution is drowned here.



The Davvar district in the city of Shush, Khuzestan Province, southwest Iran



The Seyed Salman village in Khuzestan Province




The devastation has reached a point that even the regime’s own senior officials are forced to acknowledge the massive destruction and their failures.

“We have no news from 60 villages… It has been 72 hours since the residents of Mamulan (in Lorestan Province) have had anything to eat… There is much talk about we’ll give this and that. It’s all talk,” said the local Friday prayer imam in Mamulan.

Friday prayer imams are considered representatives of the regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.