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Fifth Day Of Labor Protests At Municipality Of Dezful, Iran

IRAN, April 20, 2018 -- The workers of the municipality of Dezful, Iran protested on Thursday, April 19th, for the fifth day in front of the municipality and governorate of this city.

These workers have gathered many times demanding their wage arrears but have not heard any response from the authorities.

According to reports, about 100 Dezful municipality workers, with more than 10 years of work experience, have not received their salaries since December 2017, and the salaries of January and March 2018, the Eid and rewards from 2016, and benefits from 2015. In addition, the employer has not paid 7 months of their social security insurance.

This is while the Deputy Mayor of Dezful has responded to the workers by threatening to expel and fire them, which has caused the livelihood of the municipality workers to be destroyed. According to the workers, the deputy mayor has said that “This is it, if you continue to protest you will be fired”.

Over the past months, municipally-owned green space workers in various cities of Iran have been protesting against non-payment of their salary.

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