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Martyrdom of Mohammad Zabeti, PMOI leadership member and some other PMOI officials and members


On May 2, 1982, during a series of clashes between the suppressive IRGC members and special intelligence network agents with groups of PMOI members and officials in Tehran, Mohammad Zabeti, leadership member of he PMOI, along with some other PMOI cadres and officials were martyred.
Mohammad Zabeti and most of the PMOI officials who were martyred in those fights were political prisoners during Shah’s time that had been sorely suffered and tortured. After victory of anti-monarchial revolution, they weren’t deceived by Khomeini and stood firm and faithful on their commitment for Iranian people’s freedom.
On this day the PMOI members Nosrat Ramazani, Sousan Mirzaii, Fatemeh Yousefi, Zakiyeh Mohaddes, Fereshteh Azhadi, Qassem Baqerzadeh, Hamid Jalalzadeh, Ahmad Kolahdouz, Mohammad Tavaniian Fard, Mahin Khiabani, Taqi Ousatai, Aqdas Taqavi and Amir Houahang Aq Baba, after several hours of confrontation against the criminal henchmen, were martyred.


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