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Demise of Parvin Etesami, Iranian great poet


Parvin Etesami
Parvin Etesami
On April 4, 1941, Parvin Etesami, the great lady of Iran’s literature and poem passed away. She was born on March 17, 1907 in Tabriz; she learned Persian and Arabic literature from his father who was an intellectual and a translator.
Parvin started to write poems since childhood; her poems were published in literary magazine Bahar.
Parvin reflected the pains and sufferings of people in her poems; she fought against the gender discrimination and keeping the women backwarded and shouted against them in her poems.
Parvin wrote poems for deprived and poor people, among them ’Orphan child’, ’indigent’, ’sufferer’ and ’demolished nest’.
She had extraordinary potency in using metaphor and allegory for presenting her ideas.
Parvin Etesami passed away in her springtime while she was 35.