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Martyrdom of Abbas Ommani, PMOI’s first martyr after antimonarchy revolution


Abbas Ommani
Abbas Ommani
On January 18, 1980, less than a year after Shah’s overthrow, the first PMOI member was martyred by the Khomeini’s club-wielders. Abbas Ommani, who was a worker, was distributing and posting Massoud Rajavi’s posters for the first round of Presidential elections in one of Tehran’s southern streets when he was attacked by the Khomeini’s club-wielders and was severely beaten and martyred due to brain hemorrhage.
In just a year and half after the revolution, mullahs’ regime’s hooligans directly led by ’Islamic Republic Party’ martyred more than 50 of the PMOI members and supporters across the country and injured or tortured thousands more in the prisons and torture chambers; this was at a condition that members and supporter of the PMOI, with an unprecedented patience and discipline, tried to avoid counteracting regime’s club-wilders in order to maintain the minimum freedoms for political activities. However Khomeini had made his mind set up his dictatorial rule as soon as possible.


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