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Sheikh Fazlollah Noori


Execution of Sheikh Fazlollah Nouri
Execution of Sheikh Fazlollah Nouri
On November 13, 1908, in a congregation of constitutionalism adversaries in Tehran, Sheikh Fazlollah Noori announced the Constitutional Revolution as being against divine (sharia) law. The reactionary mullahs and their agents prepared a petition denouncing the Parliament, calling it against religious law and sending the document to Mohammad Ali Shah. In opposing the idea of a parliamentary system altogether, he is known for saying that ‘the illiterate public is more devious than animals’. Khomeini also considered the people as ‘children’ who need a mullah guardian like himself. Five days after the petition Mohammad Ali Shah revoked constitutionalism.
In a message marking the 100th anniversary of the Constitutional Revolution, Mrs. Rajavi said: In the first steps after the revolution’s victory, in the midst of ratifying of constitution and its amendments, as soon as freedom and equality were mentioned the mullahs launched a campaign against constitutionalism and associated themselves with Mohammad Ali Shah’s tyranny. This front specifically opposed equality of Muslims and non-Muslims, gender equality, rule of majority and lawmaking by people’s representatives. They opposed measures stripping their control over the Department of Justice and placing it in the hands of the country’s judges. He especially couldn’t tolerate the principle of equal rights for all against the law and said: ‘With Islam, equality is impossible’.