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Colonel Mohammad Taghi Khan Pessian’s Uprising


Colonel Mohammad Taghi Khan Pessian)
Colonel Mohammad Taghi Khan Pessian)
On April 2, 1921, Colonel Mohammad Taghi Khan Pessian, Iranian patriot and a freedom loving personality of Iran’s constitutionalism, revolted against the ruthless governor of Khorasan (northeastern Iranian province). In the uprising he arrested Ghavamolsaltaneh, Khorasan’s governor and an agent of monarchy and colonialism, and sent him to Tehran; he assumed the sponsorship of the governorate. But shortly afterward, Ghavamolsaltaneh became the prime minister and having hatred toward the colonel, committed himself to killinghim. In one of his letters, Colonel Mohammad Taghi Khan Pessian wrote: Iranians won’t die and won’t be wiped out…it is up to us to free them from the disgrace of submissiveness. Yes, we have to sacrifice.


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