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Karimpour Shirazi, Freedom loving journalist and poet, was killed


Karimpour Shirazi
Karimpour Shirazi
"I have made a strong vow to my God, because I draw the curtain that thousands of betrayals, corruptions and miseries hide behind. I am truly determined to follow this tenacious and irreconcilable struggle to an honorable death; our struggle is a widespread and national struggle".
On March 15, 1954, Amir Mokhtar Karimpour Shirazi, the editor of Shouresh (rebellion) and a loyal companion of Dr. Mosaddeq, was martyred by the Shah’s henchmen.
Karipour Shirazi was born in 1921 in a villager family in Istehban (Fars province, south of Iran). He graduated from law school and turned to journalism and founded Shouresh (rebellion) newspaper.
During Dr. Mosaddeq’s premiership, the Shouresh newspaper disclosed many of the monarchy’s conspiracies against the people. This paper was so popular that sometimes it would sell at 100 times its original price in the black market.
After the 1953 coup against Dr. Mosaddeq’s government, Karimpour went into hiding, but he was arrested a few months later and underwent daily torture. On March 15, 1954, since Krimpour stood firm on his freedom loving stance, the monarchy’s prison agents poured kerosene on him and set him ablaze before the eyes of a crowd of officials including Ashraf Pahlavi, the Shah’s wicked sister. He passed away in the hospital the next day.