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Mohammad Hossein Naghdi was martyred


Mohammad Hossein Naghdi
Mohammad Hossein Naghdi
On March 16, 1993, Mohammad Hossein Naghdi, a fervent and active member of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), was murdered by a group of the Iranian regime’s terrorists in Rome, Italy. For almost a decade, he was the NCRI representative in Italy. Naghdi was born in Yazd (central city in Iran) in 1951. As a university student in the 60s, he was arrested and imprisoned several times for participating in students protests and advocating revolutionary movements. He was recruited in Iranian National Oil Company and then in the Nuclear Energy Organization after graduation. He was appointed as the Iranian Embassy charge d’affairesin Italy in 1981. After June 20th, 1981, an inflection point in the resistance against the Khomeini regime’s suppression and the surge of repression and execution, Naghdi joined the NCRI and through his unrelenting efforts made valuable contributions to introducing the Iranian Resistance, disclosing the Iranian regime’s crimes and gaining the support of many personalities, officials of parties, syndicates and human rights societies for the National Council of Resistance. His last endeavor to form "the Committee of Solidarity of Italian Parliament with NCRI" succeeded after his martyrdom.