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Joan of Arc was committed to Church for punishment


Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc
January 3, 1431: Joan of Arc was committed to Church for punishment
On January 3, 1431, the French freedom loving heroine, who was sold in Luxemburg to the British due to the treason of pro-British French, was committed to Church for trial.
Joan of Arc, a young villager girl who had worn military suit to defend her homeland became the commander of French forces for liberation of Orleans and liberated that city. Later on, she was injured during efforts for liberation of Paris; being betrayed, she was arrested and sold to the British forces.
Finally she was sentenced to death in a church court on charge of sorcery and wearing men’s suit. She was burned in a roofless bazaar before the people. She was 19 at the time of being burned.
25 years after her death in 1456, the French bishops rehabilitated her, and later she obtained French heroine title and the Pope canonized her.