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Death of Ferdinand Porsche, designer of VW and Leopard


Ferdinand Porsche
Ferdinand Porsche
On February 2, 1951, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, the designer of VolksWagen and Leopard tank died at 75. He was born into a German family in Bochum. He got his PHD in Engineering and started designing automobiles while teaching. His first designed automobile was built in 1900.
Porsche was cooperating with Benz Company until 1929 when he founded his own automobile manufacturing company.
In 1934 he decided to design a low cost aerodynamic car with air cooling system so it can be affordable for everyone. He made a prototype in 1935 and presented it to Hitler; upon his approval and German government financial assistance Dr. Porsche manufactured VolksWagen, meaning people’s car.
Designing Leopard and Tiger tanks, Ferdinand Porsche contributed considerable help to Hitler’s offensives in the war.  He also contributed to the design of German propelled bombs and military plane’s engines.  In addition to this however he also designed tractors for agricultural purposes.