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Shah’s Royal Guard’s assault on Air Force personnel, sparking uprisings


Shah's Royal Guard's assault on Air Force base
Shah's Royal Guard's assault on Air Force base

On February 9, 1979, news spread that Shah’s guards have raided the Tehran Air Force base. Hearing the news and despite being unarmed, Tehran residents surrounded the Air Force base. At first people could not help the Air Force personnel who were engaged with the guards equipped with tanks and heavy weaponry.
At 7 PM, neglecting the military curfew, the outraged crowd brought down the base gates and many reached access to weapons, thus shifting the balance of power.

After hours and hours of battle and resistance, at 3:30 PM the next day, people captured the tanks and celebrated on their decks.
People paraded on the streets as they captured fortress after fortress, once reigning rule over them.
Despite the people’s call for armed confrontation against the Monarch Rule, since Khomeini knew that armed struggle would leave no room for opportunism to steal the revolution’s leadership, he never issued a Fatwa for Jihad and even sent his clerics and other agents to tell people that he has not done so in order to alleviate demonstrators.