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Dr. Mosaddeq was convicted by the Shah’s court


Dr. Mohammad Mosaddeq
Dr. Mohammad Mosaddeq

On December 21, 1953, the sham military court convicted Dr. Mohammad Mosaddeq, legal Prime Minister of Iran, to three years of solitary imprisonment. He was charged with opposing the royal system, disobeying Shah’s orders and ordering to repress those involved in the coup on August 16 and 19, 1953.
But the verdict didn’t suffice Shah, so he exiled Dr. Mosaddeq to the Ahmadabad village for the rest of his life at the end of his three-year sentence.
Although Shah’s government grasped power through a coup which was supported by the mullahs such as Kashani, but history has time and again testified Dr. Mosaddeq’s rightness.


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