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Khomeini issues fatwa to massacre and repress Iranian Kurds


Scenes of slaughter and suppression in Kurdistan
Scenes of slaughter and suppression in Kurdistan

-On August 20, 1979 Khomeini issued a fatwa authorizing a barbaric repression of Iran’s Kurdish people. Khomeini deployed the army and IRGC forces along with a number of ruthless judges headed by Khalkhali (infamous mullah and judge) to the Kurdistan region. Writing the phrase of “opponents of Islam seek to spread atheism in the country” in his fatwa, Khomeini legitimized any and all crimes for his henchmen so that they don’t hesitate in executing and bombing the cities and villages of Kurdistan. Simultaneously the surge of massacres and bombings of the defenseless Kurdish people in cities such as Saqqez, Baneh, Paveh, Sanandaj and Mahabad began. Khomeini’s agents did not even show mercy on women and subjected them to atrocities, murdering them afterwards. In his fatwa Khomeini also ordered his forces to “eradicate non-Islamic propaganda”, thus he outspread suppression over Kurdistan after weeks of slaughter and belligerency.

Iran’s 4 million Kurds, members of a distinct ethnic group most of whom are Sunni Muslims, were concerned about their power in the new Shiite state and wanted greater autonomy in language and education. One of several truces between Kurdish rebels and government forces was declared in mid-March, but by April another round of fighting had begun.