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Death of Dante, famous Italian poet


Dante standing in front of the mountain of Purgatory, with hell on his right and heaven on his left
Dante standing in front of the mountain of Purgatory, with hell on his right and heaven on his left
-Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), Italian poet, and one of the supreme figures of world literature, who was admired for the depth of his spiritual vision and for the range of his intellectual accomplishment
Dante was born in Florence between late May and early June 1265, into a family of the lower nobility. His mother died in his childhood, his father when Dante was 18 years old.
Certain experts believe that Dante is one the three great poets of the world along with Shakespeare and Hemerious. Dante was one of the pioneers of Europe’s scientific and literary transition, Renascence. His masterpiece was "The Divine Comedy". It includes three sections: the Inferno (Hell), in which the great classical poet Virgil leads Dante on a trip through hell; the Purgatorio (Purgatory), in which Virgil leads Dante up the mountain of purification; and the Paradiso (Paradise), in which Dante travels through heaven.Dante wrote his books in native Italian language and therefore he was distinct from other writers who were writing in Latin and classic. Dante turned to political activities at the age of 30 and became a member of Florence Council. He was sent on a diplomatic mission to San Gimignano in 1300 and later the same year was elected one of the six priors, or magistrates, of Florence, a post in which he served for only two months. Following occupation of Florence by Charles De Valov Dante opposed the reactionary policies of Pope and hence he was exiled; he was threatened to be burned in fire if he would go back to Florence. Dante did not give up struggle against the Church and did not lose his spirit of resistance. He continued to live in exile, spending his last years in Ravenna, where he died on September 14, 1321, and was buried.


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