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Birthday of Mary (Virgin Mary), mother of Jesus Christ


Statue of Mary
Statue of Mary
-According to various historical documents, September 8, 20BC, is the birthday of Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ.
Mary was the daughter of Omran, a Zion prophet. Mary’s aunt was Zachariah’s wife and the mother of Yahiya, two other Zion prophets. Mary is venerated as a prophet in the Holy Quran: “Mary, God chose you, purified you and made you master of all women in the world” (Verse 42, al-Omran, Quran).
In Hebrew the word Mary means worshiper because Mary’s mother vowed her daughter would worshipin Jerusalem. Mary was exposed to the atrocities of reactionary Jew clergymen after the birth of Jesus, yet she never retreated. When Jesus Christ announced his prophecy and confrontedthe hypocritical clergymen, Mary was his most intransigent defender. Therefore Mary, as one of the 5 great women of history, became the inspirer of all women. According to statistics, the name Mary has the highest record among women’s names in the world.
Mary (Virgin Mary), the mother of Jesus Christ, venerated by Christians since apostolic times (1st century). The Gospels give only a fragmentary account of Mary’s life, mentioning her chiefly in connection with the beginning and the end of Jesus’ life.