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Karimour Shirazi


Karimpour Shirazi
Karimpour Shirazi
On March 15, 1954, Amir Mokhtar Karimpour Shirazi, director of the daily Shourosh and one of Dr. Mosaddeq’e most loyal companions was martyred by Shah’s regime’s executioners. Karimpour Shirazi was one of the most prominent faces pf the Iranian National Movement who revealed internal and external enemies and at top of all the royal court. Since the beginning of publication of daily Shourosh he announced his readiness for sacrifice in the path he had stepped in and wrote: I am seriously decisive to follow this hard and irreconcilable struggle to the bound of honorable death which is my ideal desire. After Aug. 19, 1953 Coup which overt rowed Dr. Mosaddeq, Karimpour went into hiding, but he was arrested in October of the same year and imprisoned. Due to resisting on his freedom-loving stances, the mercenaries of the royal court poured kerosene on his body and in front of eyes of some of the court people including Ashraf Pahlavi, shah’s corrupt sister,set fire on him and killed him.