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Victory of Oil Nationalization Movement of industry headed by Dr. Mosaddeq


Dr Mohammad Mosaddeq
Dr Mohammad Mosaddeq
On March 20, 1951, thanks to inexhaustible efforts and struggle of Dr. Mohammad Mosaddeq, leader of nationalist and anti-colonialism movement of the Iranian people, the legal act of Nationalization of oil industry was approved by Iran’s parliament (Majlis) and the Iranian people acquired a great victory, a measure which led to the vindication of rights of the Iranian people on their national resources and wealth. On December 5, 1950, after a long sequence of illuminative struggles by Dr. Mosaddeq and long discussions in the parliament, the proposal of the Nationalization of oil industry was presented by Dr. Mosaddeq to the oil commission. Due to reactionary-colonial pressures, this proposal was not accepted but it created a high sensation and excitement among the people; the people staged nationwide demonstrations against the oil company and in support of Mosaddeq and Oil Nationalization plan. Razmara, then Prime Minister, in a bid to defend the Oil Company and continue his non-patriotic policy increased pressure on the people; the nationalist newspapers were banned; Dr. Fatemi and several journalists were imprisoned. In Dec. 21 session of Majlis, Mosaddeq announced: The vigilant people of Iran know well that these hardships are created by the servants of usurper oil company, and our government also supports them and is after breaking pens and cutting the tongues of the Iranian nation. We announce officially that the Iranian nation won’t recognize any other decision other than the nationalization of oil which is its definite right. Finally, despite many conspiracies by the people’s internal and external enemies, due to pressure of public opinion and the people’s struggle the legal act of Nationalization of oil industry was ratified by Majlis and Senate on March 20, 1951.