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Demise of Dr. Mosaddeq, leader of Iranian National Movement


Dr. Mohammad Mosaddeq
Dr. Mohammad Mosaddeq
On March 5, 1966, Dr. Mohammad Mosaddegh, leader of Iranian National Movement passed away and grieved millions of Iranians in his loss. He was buried in Ahmadabad, his many-years exiled place. Mosaddegh was born in 1882 in Tehran. He went to France in 1908 to continue his education and after graduation from the College of Political Sciences in Paris he entered the Neufchatel University in Switzerland and after receiving Ph.D. degree in law, he returned to Iran in 1914. As the representative of Tehran people in the National Council Parliament in the 5th, 6th, 14th and 16th periods, he opposed to the subordinate and dictatorial policies of Reza shah and his son Mohammad Reza Shah and ultimately took the leadership of Nationalization of Iran’s Oil industry, and with the Iranian people’s popular support, he led that movement until the total eviction of the former oil company (British company) and acquiring the Iranian people’s right. During the Nationalization of Oil Industry, Dr. Mosaddeq accepted the premiership in 1951. During 28 months of his premiership, his various enemies didn’t scrimp even one day of making conspiracies against him. Many times they tried on his life and planned coup attempt against his nationalist government. Finally the government of Dr. Mosaddeq was overthrown by a colonial coup with the help of royal court and army and traitor mullahs like Behbehani and Kashani in Aug. 19, 1953. He was sentenced in the Shah’s military court to 3 yrs imprisonment and then exiled to Ahmadabad. Ultimately after 14 years of isolation and exile he passed away. He said while he was in exile: Whether I will be alive or dead, I hope, rather I am confident that this fire won’t be put off and the wakeful men of the country will follow this national struggle until victory.


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