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Farrokhi Yazdi, freedom-loving poet and songwriter


Mohammad Farrokhi Yazdi
Mohammad Farrokhi Yazdi
On October 17, 1939, Farrokhi Yazdi, Iranian freedom-lover songwriter was martyred. Mohammad Farrokhi was born in 1885 in Yazd (central Iranian city) to a middle class family. Farrokhi supported and defended the constitutional Movement at the beginning of its formation. After composing a poem about despotic behavior of Zaighamoddowleh, then Yazd oppressor governor, he was arrested and imprisoned. A few months later, he escaped the prison and went To Tehran. A year after Reza Shah came to power Farrokhi was able to gain certificate for Toofan daily with a great hardship through which he defended freedom. This daily was attached 15 times during 7 years but every time by using other newspapers like Setareh-e Shargh, Ghiam and Peykar published his revolutionary articles. With soaring arrest of freedom-lovers and those propagating anti-despotic and anti-British colonialism thoughts, Farrokhi was forced to leave the country but outside the country he was prosecuted too; and that is why he had to comeback to Iran through byway. Farrokhi Yazdi was arrested in 1937 by the government agents and was sentenced to 27 months imprisonment because of the poems he had composed against Reza Shah. Ultimately after two years of imprisonment in order to make him silent, the Reza Shah executioners transferred him to Constabulary Hospital and there he was martyred with air injection by Reza Shah’s famous executioner, Dr. Ahmadi.


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