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October 8, 1934, Millennium of Ferdowsi, the Great Persian epic poet


Ferdowsi, Persian great poet
Ferdowsi, Persian great poet
Based on historians’ researches, 8 October 1934 is thousandth year of Ferdowsi’s birth, the famous Iranian epic poet. On this day a big congress was held in Tehran in which many Iranian and foreign scientists, authors and belletrists participated to assess and appreciate Ferdowsi’s works and his everlasting work "Shah-nameh" (Book of Kings). On the same day a street and a central square were named as "Ferdowsi" and his tomb was inaugurated in the township of Toos, near Mashhad, northeastern Iran. As Ferdowsi has stated himself, he composed "Shah-nameh" for revival of Persian language that was dissipating after two hundred years of Arab domination on Iran. He said in one of his poems: So much I suffered over thirty years breathe life into Farsi by this Persian epic Many of Ferdowsi’s epic poems are translated to other languages.


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