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Denmark: Iranian nuclear expert arrested in Copenhagen airport

Copenhagen International Airport
Copenhagen International Airport

Reported by PMOI/MEK


DenmarkNov. 16, 2018 - Danish security forces recently arrested an Iranian regime nuclear expert who was previously sanctioned by the European Union and the United States, according to the regime’s former Atomic Energy Organization chief. This individual was arrested at the Copenhagen International Airport and transferred to directly prison.

“Javad Rahighi is the name of the arrested individual. Following his delisting, he had travelled to the United States and Europe many times. Security units at Copenhagen International Airport in Denmark stopped him as he was passing through the gates. He was insulted and held in the airport basement,” Fereidoon Abbasi said in recent remarks.

Airport security are accusing this Iranian regime nuclear expert of illegally entering Denmark.


Javad Rahighi

Javad Rahighi


“A court session will be held for Rahighi and his lawyer will provide the necessary explanations. However, he will be returning to prison,” Abbasi added.

It is worth noting that the names of 40 companies and one individual were blacklisted according to a 2010 United Nations resolution. A portion of this resolution specially says this individual is Javad Rahighi, head of an important Iranian regime nuclear technology center. His assets outside of Iran were frozen and he as banned from travelling abroad.


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The Danish government has discovered a booklet in the Iranian regime’s Copenhagen embassy containing names of numerous Iranian regime dissidents in exile. The Iranian regime has classified these individuals as “terrorists,” reports indicate.

The Jyllands-Posten daily in Denmark is citing two former Danish intelligence agency chiefs considering the booklet a terror hit list for the Iranian regime.

Denmark has recalled its ambassador from Tehran following these developments and summoned the Iranian regime’s ambassador in Copenhagen to provide explanations in this regard.

Danish officials are asking for an investigation on the Iranian regime’s terror hit list.

Danish political parties are calling for a probe into this issue to determine if the Iranian regime’s embassy in Copenhagen had any links to the possible assassination plots.

“I believe there are obvious reasons in this regard,” said Michael Aastrup Jensen, spokesperson of Denmark’s Liberal Party. “The only response now is that we must throw them out of our country because this is completely unacceptable.”

An individual assassinated in the Netherlands is seen in this list. Three other names on this list are exiled Iranians living in Denmark.

Denmark said recently that it suspected an Iranian regime intelligence agency had tried to carry out a plot aiming to assassinate an Iranian Arab dissident on its soil.

The plot, which Denmark’s foreign minister said he believed the Iranian regime was behind, prompted the Nordic country to call for a new round of European Union-wide sanctions against the Iranian regime.

A Norwegian citizen of Iranian background was arrested in Sweden on October 21 in connection with the plot. He was extradited to neighboring Denmark, according to Swedish security police.

“We are dealing with an Iranian intelligence agency planning an attack on Danish soil. Obviously, we can’t and won’t accept that,” Andersen told a news conference.

Iranian opposition President Maryam Rajavi sent a message expressing her gratitude of the Danish government for standing firm in the face of the Iranian regime’s unbridled terrorism.

“European Union must immediately place the mullahs’ Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) on its terror list,” she tweeted.



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