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Free Iran rally 2019—Day 3, Main event, July 13, 2019

Key remarks by Dana Rohrabacher in Free Iran International Conference in Ashraf 3

PMOI/MEK Free Iran Conference: Opposition rally in Ashraf 3, Albania

On July 13, 2019, dignitaries from dozens of countries across the world attended the main event of the Free Iran 2019 international conference. The conference was part of the five-day Free Iran 2019 series of conferences at the main headquarters of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in Ashraf 3, Albania. Several dignitaries, political and human rights activists delivered speeches, issuing remarks about the struggles of the Iranian people and their resistance movement for freedom in their country.


Following are key remarks by former Member of U.S. Congressat Dana Rohrabacher the Ashraf 3 conference.


Dana Rohrabacher:


I have a special purpose. I am here just to offer thanks. Not because we like you, because we share values with you.


And Madame Maryam Rajavi, thank you, God bless you, God bless this movement. This movement will make it a better world. So today, let me just thank you and all of you for what you are dedicating your life. If you succeed in eliminating the worst terrorist government on this planet. And their days are numbered. And you will succeed.


And I say that with confidence, the most powerful force in the world are those people who believe in freedom and are willing to act and put their lives on the line. And today I Have no doubt that you will be successful in your efforts to free Iran from this horrible tyranny.


I want to say to the gangsters, to those people who are corrupt and oppressive and are putting down and putting their thumb on the society in Iran, your days are numbered. Your days are numbered. The people here will carry the cause of freedom to Iran. And let me end with one last thought and that is you are—and I just said to the people of Iran and to those of you who are carrying this message of freedom, you are the most powerful force on the planet. You will win, and just remember, have confidence, they’re good people, I’ve spent my whole life working with you folks. And I know you will win and I will be there with you when we go into Tehran and declare the free elections that will take place. Thank you.