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BBC Fake News in service of Iran’s religious dictatorship


November 19, 20191,406 Iranians, representatives of Iranian communities in Europe, the USA and Australia (supporters of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran MEK), wrote an open letter about BBC's fake news campaign against members of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in Albania. The text of the letter, originally published in Persian on PMOI's website, follows:

The religious dictatorship’s grip over the great Iranian nation is loosening as it faces its demise. The regime is stressed and increasingly incapable of coping with the rising tide of popular protests and insurrection, the spread of resistance unit activities, escalating international sanctions, and sweeping uprisings in Iraq and Lebanon that have sunk it into a quagmire of crises from which it cannot be extricated. The vitriolic slander hurled at the PMOI by Iranian regime agents and collaborators, and by the regime’s kin and relations from BBC microphones, elicits only outrage, loathing, and condemnation.

The BBC news enterprise that the Iranian people mockingly refer to as Ayatollah BBC has resorted to throwing a lifeline to the regime’s sinking ship by slandering the Iranian people’s resistance movement with threadbare lies in precisely such a time. A futile exercise is reminiscent of the BBC’s support for reactionary mullahs supportive of the Shah’s monarchy during the 1953 coup d’état against Iran’s democratically elected government of Mohammad Mossadegh.

BBC World Service, BBC 4 Radio, BBC Persian, and the BBC’s English, Persian, and Arabic websites all published programs and articles under the ludicrous lead, “The Iranian opposition fighters who can’t think about sex,” on November 11 in a clear attack on the honor and integrity of Ashraf-3 and the Mujahedin-e Khalq (PMOI/MEK).  BBC’s publicity stunt was clear and shameless assistance to the ruling religious dictatorship in Iran that is unacceptable to any honorable and patriotic Iranian.

In spite of the BBC’s claims, the gates of Ashraf-3, home of the members of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (PMOI/MEK) in Albania, is open to all freedom-lovers, noble people, and impartial journalists. Just this last summer, over 350 international dignitaries from 47 countries, along with many journalists, met and engaged in various wide-ranging discussions with Iran’s combatants for freedom for over five days.

The PMOI met the BBC reporter in Ashraf-3 on October 10 and engaged in a long discussion with her, inviting her to see the compound for herself, go anywhere, and talk to anyone she likes privately. However, the PMOI reiterated their long-standing and principled position that they will not appear in the same show with persons associated with the Iranian regime and known for assisting it in espionage for terrorist activities against the PMOI.

We applaud the PMOI’s position not to lend credence to agents of the Iranian regime by appearing with them in the same forum or show and refusing to participate in the said BBC interview. We recall that members of the anti-Nazi resistance in France, Germany, Britain, and Albania also refused to appear side by side with Gestapo collaborators during the Second World War. We reiterate that recruited agents of the Iranian regime’s intelligence services, the IRGC, and its Quds Force, who today wears a mask of “former members” of the PMOI, have innocent blood on their hands and share the criminal burdens of the regime they are collaborating with, and should face justice.

If the BBC were truly impartial it would have acknowledged and paid heed to the evidence of collaboration of these agents of the Iranian regime, presented to it by the PMOI. Evidence and documents that are in the public domain and easily attainable on the Internet. If the BBC were impartial, it would make mention of the commendable sacrifice of young members of the resistance inside Iran that the world is today witnessing, rather than stand with the ruling mullahs of Iran and repeat their venomous lies against the PMOI. Alas, it has been forty years that the Iranian people and the PMOI have mounted a historic resistance to this regime, and the BBC has only sided, aided, and abetted this regime’s propaganda machine, paving the way to suppression, execution, and killings in Iran by the mullahs. 

We the undersigned consider Ashraf-3 and the PMOI as our nation’s greatest treasure and a national asset in the fight to overthrow the clerical regime and establish freedom and a representative republic in Iran. Ashraf-3 belongs to the entire Iranian nation. We consider its physical, political, and moral protection to be the patriotic duty of all Iranians. We call on the PMOI to firmly refuse entry to Ashraf-3 to anyone affiliated to the Iranian regime, under any pretext. We call on all international bodies, organizations, and human rights and free speech defenders to condemn all assistance to the religious fascism ruling Iran in its continued acts of suppression and terrorism.