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A number of people killed in clashes between protesters and security forces in Kazerun

Dozens injured in Kazerun clashes between people and repressive security forces
Dozens injured in Kazerun clashes between people and repressive security forces

Reported by PMOI/MEK reporter on the scene

May 16, 2018 -

02:30 Thursday local time: According to local reports, a convoy of 40 armored police vehicles has entered Kazerun. The convoy, which was dispatched from Shiraz, was sent to the city to quell protests.


So far, the tragic death of at least two protesters has been confirmed. Many more have been injured, including several women.


The PMOI/MEK has called on the people of Kazerun and neighboring cities to help the injured and support the arrested protesters.

02:15 Thursday local time: According to local reports, the people of Seif Abad, south of Kazerun, have blocked the roads to prevent the regime’s backup security forces from reaching Kazerun and suppressing the protesters.






01:50 Thursday local time: The Iranian regime has dispatched a convoy of 40 armored vehicles from Shiraz to Kazerun to assist in the quelling of protests.



01:15 Thursday local time: Following clashes between the people of Kazerun and the Iranian regime’s suppressive security forces, hundreds of people have surrounded one of the city’s police stations and are demanding the release of detainees, who had been arrested earlier. Several people have been killed and dozens have been injured after police opened fire on protesters.


01:00 Thursday local time: Clashes erupted between the Iranian regime’s security forces and the people of Kazerun, Fars, during Wednesday’s protests. According to local reports, several people were killed after security forces opened fire on protesters.




Kazerun has been the scene of peaceful protests for several weeks after the governor declared a plan to divide the city into smaller counties, effectively giving the regime free pass to deprive the people of the meager government services they were receiving.




The regime tried to intimidate the people into ending their protests to no avail. It also made false promises to cancel the plan and to meet the people’s demands. Having failed to end the protests through threats and lies, the regime resorted to force today. But the results so far haven’t been what it had expected.






The people of Kazerun responded to the regime’s show of force by setting a police vehicle and a police station on fire. Subsequently, the clashes, which began in the city’s main square, spread to other parts of the city.




According to some reports, security forces have arrested more than 100 people. Many people have been injured as well. The clashes are taking place while the regime is still reeling from the effects of nationwide protests that took place at the end of 2017, and it fears the reoccurrence of a new wave of uprisings.

We will be updating this page as the story develops.



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