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Mayor Rudy Giuliani's Speech at the Free Iran 2018 Convention

Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City
Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City

Prepared by PMOI/MEK


The following is excerpts from Mayor Rudy Giuliani's speech at the Free Iran 2018 convention in Paris, June 30


We are now, I believe very realistic in being able to see an end of the regime in Iran. We can see it we've lived through this before in other oppressed countries. When the people take to the streets and they protest day after day like they've done in over 142 cities in Iran, like they did the other day in Tehran. When they do that and no matter how much they're oppressed, no matter how much they're beaten, no matter how much they're arrested or no matter how many of them are killed they continue to grow and grow with numbers that now threaten to topple the regime. When that happens then freedom is right around the corner.


It could have happened eight or nine years ago with the uprising in 2009. The uprising that disgracefully my government turned its back on. Shame on that administration. However this time when it started back in December and January just a few months ago the president of the United States about whom there's a lot of controversy whether he should tweet or not took out his little phone and he tweeted and he supported the protesters.


I say to those countries, to those countries that continue to support Iran, to those countries that do business with Iran, you are paying for a regime that deprives women of their rights, that deprives children of their rights, and that murders people because they practice a different religion. How can you do that? How much better are you than the terrorists when you are giving them money and propping up this regime?


Women's groups in particular all over the world should demand that those businesses that continue to do business with this regime should be boycotted, and we should stop doing business with them. We all know that the economy of Iran is in freefall. It's evaporating. We florae a picture of a man that held up a sign and said he was willing to sell his kidney for five hundred dollars. That's a government on the verge of toppling. And what we need to do now is not to lose our determination. We've got to be more determined. This is the time to put on the real pressure.


Thank god my president who can now be proud of my president turned his back on that very dangerous nuclear agreement with Iran. He said no we're not going to do business with the biggest state sponsor of terrorism. We're going to reimpose the sanctions. Everybody said it wouldn't be enough. Gee, just America stopped doing business with you when all of Europe is doing business with Iran. And they should be ashamed of themselves. Well maybe when the greatest economic power in the history of the world stops doing business with you, you have the kind of economic collapse that you now see in Iran. And that is going to get worse, because I guarantee you the sanctions will become greater and greater and greater. This president does not intend to turn his back on freedom fighters.


Here we're not replacing one government with a government we don't know. You have an alternative you've got an alternative that's built on a solid foundation of 12 principal, democracy human rights, a non-nuclear Iran, separation of Church and State and the rights of women and of all minorities to be protected. My goodness that sounds like a full-fledged democracy.

That's what the NCR stands for. That would madam that we stand for. And that's what your martyrs died for. The era of appeasement is over. Those who practice appeasement are going to find themselves shamed in world history.


The time has come to stand up to the bullies and these murderers and these thieves. Never forget that government of mullahs is not about religion. That government is about stealing. The reason Iran is in an economic freefall when it's been given the huge amount of money is because that money is stolen it's not spent on the people the people of Iran should say to the mullahs and the Ayatollah, give us the billions you stole.


We fought a worldwide battle to shed the unfair label of terrorism in the United States the United Kingdom the European Union. That label is now gone and you are seen as defenders of human rights, because that's what you are. And we won that battle. Our people that were stranded in Iraq, we finally delivered them to freedom in Albania.


You've been able to form resistance units all over Iran. Those protests are not happening accidentally. Those protests are happening because they're being coordinated now unlike in 2009.


How much better would an Iran be? Instead of the dictatorial murderous Ayatollah as the face of Iran suppose the face of Iran was a brave woman in a country that recently has had a history and a region of the world of treating women inhumanely and this brave woman will be the face of the new modern liberated Iran. Will it happen? Yes when will it happen? Now. And I want next year at this time, I want us to have this convention in Tehran. Thank you so much.


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