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Iran: The fourth day of the strike by truck drivers

The widespread and nationwide strike of heavy truck drivers
The widespread and nationwide strike of heavy truck drivers

Iran Uprising - No. 165


On Friday, May 25th, the widespread and nationwide strike of heavy truck drivers and truckers in different cities of the country continued for the fourth day. The number of cities that have joined the strike during these four days has grown to 177 cities in 29 provinces. The day before, minibus drivers and taxi drivers in some cities, including in Shiraz and Yazd, joined this nationwide strike.




Striking drivers and truckers demand a salary increase taking into account the hard work, the right to retire after 25 years of work, a reduction in extortion of the regime on various grounds, as well as a commission, which the regime's agents at each terminal impose at their own discretion, without any specific frameworks and an end to police crackdown on drivers.




On Friday, the Revolutionary Guards rushed fuel tanks with escort in order to cope with the strike. The risen people and the courageous drivers in various cities, including Abarghoo in Yazd, Benrood and Kafrood in Isfahan, Saleh Abad in Hamedan and Shahrekord, foiled the conspiracy of the regime by preventing the movement of the IRGC's tankers.

On Thursday, the clerical regime threatened drivers to break the strike by issuing a notice from the National Oil Products Distribution Company in Isfahan, that if they continue their strike, they will be fired from the fleet of oil products and will be replaced by others. But the drivers did not pay attention to these threats and continued their strike. Anti-riot control agents and other repressive forces threatened fuel tanker drivers to load fuel. They removed the license plates of the drivers who did not want to load fuel and they confiscated their refinery authorization papers.

Meanwhile, the repressive forces were trying to crush their strike by putting pressure on co-operative drivers of refinery tar and fuel tanker drivers in Isfahan which led to the clash between strikers and repressive forces. Drivers closed the main road of the refinery. In spite of these repression, the strike continues in Isfahan.

The Iranian Resistance salutes the striking drivers who have risen up against the oppression and suppression of the regime of the Velayat-e-Faqih and to secure their minimum rights, and calls upon the public, especially the brave youth throughout the country, to support them. The source of inflation, poverty and unemployment, and all this pain and darkness of day, is the religious fascism that rules Iran, and the solution to these problems is to end the rule of the Velayat-e-Faqih regime and the establishment of democracy and the rule of the people.


Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

May 25, 2018




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