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Ashraf Rajavi and Moussa Khiabani


Moussa Khiabani --Ashraf Rajavi
Moussa Khiabani --Ashraf Rajavi
On February 8, 1982, following the brutal attack of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), and scores of Khomeini’s Ministry of Intelligence mercenaries (MIOS) on the base of Moussa Khiabani and Ashraf Rajavi ( two prominent leaders of the PMOI) in Tehran, during which Moussa and Ashraf along with 18 other PMOI members were martyred. The heroic resistance of these heroes, who were just 20, before hundreds of heavily armed enemy forces turned to be one of the most glorious, epic and perennial scenes of Iranian people’s vanguards against the mullahs’ bloodthirsty dictatorship. The news of brave resistance of Moussa Khiabani and Ashraf Rajavi was spread right away, mouth to mouth, and provoked anger and disgust of the people against the mullahs’ regime. When the mullahs showed the bloody body of Moussa on the state-run TV, and the executioner Lajevardi showed Ashraf’s infant over the bloody body of his mother, the whole people cried in grief of the commanders of freedom and resistance. The mullahs’ regime’s effort for saber rattling to create disappointment among the people backfired and created a wave of sympathy and solidarity with the PMOI inside Iran and abroad.