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Sheikh Mohammad Khiabani - Tabriz-Iran


Sheikh Mohammad Khiabani
Sheikh Mohammad Khiabani
On April 5, 1920, Fourteen years after victory of Constitutional Revolution, another uprising took place in Tabriz in defense of Iran’s freedom and independence under the leadership of Sheikh Mohammas Khiabani.
Khiabani, who was one of the combatants of the Vanguard Movement of Tabriz during Constitutional Revolution, was the representative of Tabriz in the second period of the National Assembly. Khiabani opposed in Parliament quislings of the Royal court and expansion of dictatorship and suppression of liberties.
Worried of spreading out these struggles, the government closed the Parliament; Khiabani wasn’t intimidated by the government measures and went to Tabriz and organized an uprising there.
On April 5, 1920, the Kazakh forces (governmental force) surrounded the base of Khiabani and his companions but the people of Tabriz rose in support of Khiabani and forced the governmental force to retreat. The movement of Tabriz people continued until Aug 29, 1920 when Khiabani was shot by a Kazakh commander and martyred.
In the last moments before martyrdom, Khiabani said: I prefer to be killed than surrender, I don’t kneel before the enemy, I am the offspring of the Constitutional Revolution; the revolution will never be muffled.