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China launches first space ship into space

First Chinese astronaut
First Chinese astronaut
On October 15, 2003, the first Chinese space ship named “Space Ship No. 5” was launched to space. This vessel, commanded by Colonel Yang Lee Wuy with 38 years of age, was orbited from Gabi desert in Mongolia and returned after conducting 14 rotations around the Earth lasting for21 hours. The landing took place in Gabi on Thursday morning, October 16, 2003. Chinese scientists announced the trip as a success, describing it as a prelude to send Chinese astronauts to the moon and to station a permanent space station in the Earth’s orbit.
Yang Lee was honored as ‘People’s Champion’ immediately after departing his landing vessel.
“I did nothing; this was a collective success that should not be regarded as an individual victory”. Western media considered the accuracy of Space Ship No. 5 as a sign of Chinese technological advances.


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